The first kiss

I am a secret keeper. This time the secret is my own. We’ve sworn complete denial to each other, to anyone, if discovered. The first kiss was tender, warm, gentle and completely unexpected. I wanted more but I ran. Ran away fast. Then I ran back.

I now have a lover. Am a lover.

I thought I liked my life. Had everything, needed nothing. I was wrong. What I needed, need, is to feel attractive once again. I thought young, breathless passionate sex was a youthful memory tucked back in the corner or a drawer only to be remembered with a familiar song. I was wrong. It’s here. It’s now. Once again there is someone to ravish me, taking it all in and leaving nothing except two exhausted bodies damp with spent desire.

And, I am married. I am a mother. I am a successful businesswoman.

I am trapped between two desires, two dreams.

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